Tuesday, February 22

love 3 day weekends

This is day 7 of NO TREATS. woo hoo!!!! that is ONE WHOLE WEEK! I decided to give up treats for a little bit and it's been great to have a detox after being addicted to skittles and other fabulous candies for so long. i'm feelin good!

This weekend we were in St. George and it was so much fun! We went with my family to just relax and hang out.

We like to go on walks.

Gorgeous view from the condo. ( thanks to my sister, the photographer)

my dad likes to pick up random beer bottles and then jump in pictures.

We went to dinner with Elise, her husband, baby, and mom. I have known Elise since we were in kindergarten, so it is always fun to get together every so often. She has the cutest little boy ever!!!! i love him.

Little Jack :)

Saturday was awesome! I was accompanied on my 11 mile run by my bro. in law, sister, dad, and husband. It was so much fun and the time flew by! they rode their bikes and looked like my body guards. i felt really cool.


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  1. Steph! One of these days when you are in St. George you should tell me so I can see you :) Turns out that Elise and I are in the same ward! Cool story, huh?


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