Wednesday, February 23

my letter

Dear BYU, Altius Test Prep, and LDS church,

Sometimes I miss my husband. Could you just cancel a few tests? Lighten the studying for the mcat? or stop having him home teach and be the elder's quorum president? That would be great. Even if you just lighten the load a teeny tiny bit so I can see him longer than 30 minutes each night and so that he won't spend 13 hours on campus and then have to go home teaching. I would even just like to have a few minutes to feed him a decent meal!

Maybe this is too much to ask... But please consider my request.

lonely-but-trying-to-keep-busy wife of Devin

*disclaimer* I am really proud of Devin for working so hard and for having such a heavy load right now. I promise i'm supportive. Just lonely sometimes. This is just me venting :)


  1. Thats married life girl. I completely understand. Hope you find things to take your mind off of the loneliness.

  2. Amen girl! i feel the same way. I get to sit at home all alone every night. luckily today nic finished one class early so i ran to campus and we were able to scraf dinner down together. maybe we will have to get together and bond while our husbands go be smart.

  3. take up knitting again. You were real good at that.

  4. hahahaha i can just see you knitting!!! Honey maybe I could come over one night and visit?? I miss you and sometimes i'm lonely too!

  5. Ah I totally feel your pain! When Taber was in grad school me and the other wives called ourselves "MBA widows" Because we never saw our husbands. It's a big sacrifice to make, especially when you're newlywed, but it really pays off later when your hubby is able to provide well for your family. It also prepares you for his career which will also be busy I'm sure. Taber has had weeks where he's worked close to 80 hours. Add church callings to that and things can get lonely at home. A couple things that help me deal with it are 1) make sure I have my own hobbies and things I'm working on to keep me busy. You're doing great in that department, especially with your marathon training, that is seriously awesome! 2) When we DO have time together we play hard. I try to make sure all the stuff on the home front is taken care of so when Taber has time with the family the only thing we have to worry about is having fun : ) 3) I have a great network of girlfriends and we rely on each other a lot when our hubbies are working hard or busy.

    Anyway, sorry for leaving such a long comment : ) Hang in there, I know it can be tough sometimes!

  6. so i stumbled upon your blog and realized it's been forevvverrrr! and what a small world but our husbands know each other! haha.. sam is taking the altius prep course too.. when i saw that you mentioned it, i asked sam if he knew devin and he said he sees him every tuesday. lol thought that was pretty funny..

    anywho, hope things are going well for you! love your blog. and you look totally cute, as usual! :) oh and I totally know how you feel with the getting bored thing so maybe we should get together soon! and emily too! i miss you girls!!!


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