Wednesday, February 9

snowshoeing adventures!

Work out today: 5 miles on treadmill. Plus snowshoeing 2.5 miles with 100 fifth graders.

The other teachers ditched me for the "cool bus" so I was left with 60 kids on another bus. LOSER. Luckily my kids know how to party. Just look at these faces

My bus buddy :) She made me feel cool by asking me to sit by her. "Mrs. Rigg! Mrs. Rigg! Sit here!!"

Such a gorgeous day! Just a little cold for my taste. But we had a lot of fun.

I spy a blue fanny pack. Do you? Keepin' it classy.

I can't explain how difficult it was to strap 50 kids into their snow shoes.

Trekin' up to the trail. (it looks like there isn't snow, but this is just down by the road)

Can you tell which one is my class favorite? Answer: The girl with gigantic pink sunglasses, pink coat, and she also was wearing pink snow pants. A girl after my own heart.

i was exhausted after a full day of this and came home to take a 3 hour nap.

D.S.D. (Depressing Story of the Day)
I finally had to get new lame-sauce insurance because i got kicked off my parents plan and can't bum off of them anymore. I used to pay $5 for birth control and now I have to pay $65!!! SO EXPENSIVE. ...I may have teared up tonight as the pharmacist told me the total cost. She told me she was sorry.


  1. Check at the BYU pharmacy. I think they sell it for pretty cheap there. Depending on your prescription.

  2. SO EXPENSIVE FOR BIRTH CONTROL!!! BOO!!! I am sorry girl! K, you look absolutely gorgeous. Whatever bus you are on makes it the cool bus:) What a fun day and snow shoeing is a killer workout!! Have a great weekend gorgeous girl!


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