Tuesday, February 15

some valentine lovin'

Reason for the lack of blogging: I have been in a rut because of a week long cold. I haven't been able to work out and I have just felt sick for days. Its been bad because it makes me feel like a slacker. But I'm on the mend and today I kicked off my new start with a 9 mile run! It felt good to finally get my sweat on.

This past weekend was splendid! Devin and I went to stay at the Grand America for a night. We also went to the Roof Restaurant for dinner. We had a blast and it was fun to spend some time together!

I love the chandeliers in the Grand. So gorgeous!!

When we went to dinner, we went to the 9th floor where our reception was held. It was fun to reminisce, but made us sad at the same time. It is so bare and empty looking. Oh well. Good times!

mmmm. love me some dessert! Two plates to be exact. My rule: its ok to splurge when you only have one gift card to your favorite restaurant and would never even think of spending money to go there when you are a newly wed couple :)

The gorgeous view from our table. One of my favorite parts about that restaurant.

MY LOVE. On Saturday we stopped at our parents' houses to say hi and do some laundry. This is the newest addition to Devin's family. I'M IN LOVE!!! Its a little Akita puppy and he is the sweetest little guy ever! I want to keep him here in provo with me. (until he gets ginormous) I wish ginormous was a word because I use it all the time...

He was tired from playing all day, so he was super fun to cuddle with.

He was so tired he just rested on devin's notebook while dev did homework. He's tiny!


Random side note- I made this valentines wreath. My cousin gave me the idea- she made a really really cute one! But it took me SO LONG that it was done the day before Valentines day. Oh well. Thats me trying to be crafty.


  1. I WANT THAT PUPPY!!! Girl, I am so so sorry you have been so sick, that is the worst but yay for your 9 miler...it feels good to be back!! I LOVE your dress, you are beautiful. 2 desserts are my rule every day. I love the Grand America and that is so cool you had your reception there!! MISS YOU!!

  2. Haha, when are we going to babysit THAT puppy? How are my old friends Mogley and Shadow handling the addition? Haha, oh the memories.



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