Sunday, February 6

Study/Sleep/Snack/Skittle/ Superbowl Sunday

This weekend was very relaxing. Basically we went out to dinner (with gift cards of course) and watched movies. Sometimes we feel like a lame married couple on weekends like this, but sometimes its nice to just relax. I guess I'm speaking for myself though, because Devin studied the entire weekend. What an awesome student!

Ash and Brad brought us a lovely surprise. Chocolate cookies in a paper bag. They know how to make me happy.

Studying while watching the Super Bowl.

This is from last night... Devin studied... I ate skittles... and watched "My Dog Skip"

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  1. Skittles and a movie=heaven. Good for Devin to study so hard. We are such a boring married couple ha....we hang out with my parents half the time! How is training gorgeous girl?


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