Wednesday, March 30

fro yo

Ash and I went to YOGURTLAND tonight. I have been reading on multiple blogs about its amazingness- so i had to check it out for myself. And folks, the rumors are true!! It is my new favorite yogurt place in Provo. (Menchies is my favorite outside of Utah) Yogurtland has the most amazing flavors and I was pleased with every bite.

(photo courtesy of "". I forgot my camera so I googled "pictures of yogurtland")

Monday, March 28

vest weather

This is at LAX. Dev was embarrassed when I started singing "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus ("I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and a cardigan...")

P.S. Meet my favorite item of clothing right now in the above picture: my black banana republic semi-puffy vest. I possibly have worn it every day for the last two weeks. Don't worry. It still smells clean. It is perfect for ANY weather! You don't get too hot or too cold. I suggest that everyone go and buy one.

Saturday morning we went for a lovely Calabasas hike. It was gorgeous! It is so green and lush this time of year. Love it. We decided that it felt like we were in Hawaii.

Bob and Devin with the view of Bob's house behind. Gorgeous! Can you spot where the Kardashians live? Me neither. I wish I had their address.

Dev and the birds of paradise

San Diego for the big farewell of Jordan Walton (Devin's cousin)! Devin, Uncle Dave, Me.

Farewell lawn party. Perfect vest weather.

All the cool kids.

The coolest room mates at the Branbury.

San Diego was in the 70's and sunny on Sunday and I have never been so depressed to come back to Utah.

Wednesday, March 23


Today I got an amazing massage to help my leg out. My leg was so incredibly tense-i didn't even realize. I'm hoping it will feel better and I can keep training ASAP.

This lovely is from a little boy in my class. It is a flower made out of black and brown cloth. I immediately pinned it on my outfit and thanked him. Very classy.

There are so many wonderful things about this picture. 1: Devin is in it- studying as usual. 2: I spy some byu brownies. YUMMY.. (Random fact: the same number of byu brownies are bought in one year as during the week of women's conference at byu. Mormon women love brownies)

Yesterday they painted our apartment. We had to move everything into the middle and take everything off of the walls. Love that.

I also love it when painters throw your wet shower curtain in the tub along with the garbage can and other random stuff and then don't bother to put it back up.

Monday, March 21

first day+a birthday

5 miles this morning. My leg was KILLING me at mile 3. So I am getting a "sports massage" on Wednesday. Cross your fingers that it works.

First day of work wasn't completely horrible (I always have low expectations for the first day of any job. That way, it always seems to go a lot better than I planned.)

I am completely overwhelmed with having 200 students. I probably know 10 of their names.

A little girl brought me a daffodil. (she picked it at recess)

Quotes of the day:

I asked each student to say their name and one thing they like. One student said,
"My name is ____. and I like to be noticed." (isn't that the sweetest answer ever?)

After school a 6th grader came in and said,
"Mrs. Rigg. In 3 years I will be 16 and can date. WAIT FOR ME!"
I responded with, "I'm married kid."
He then went on to say how he will kill my husband.

Happy Birthday to my best friend Lisa!! Love you girl!!

This is us in highschool-- next to a covered wagon....

And this is a little more recent...

Sunday, March 20

cheers to March Madness

this is my crazy march madness face.

haha isn't that a crazy face?... i'm scary

After the big win last night for BYU, I decided to fill out a bracket... even though devin said a lot of teams have played already.

March madness and byu winning makes us hyper and crazy, so we decided to take weird pictures.

Cheers to BYU!

Saturday, March 19

Temple and Toenail

happy saturday!

This morning we went on a ward temple trip to the Manti Temple. It is such a gorgeous temple, inside and out! I loved it.

We got to drive down with our cute friends- audrey and matt. We love them.

My eyes are closed in this, but the wind was blowing my hair in my eyes.

BEWARE: if you hate feet, you might not want to look at the next picture.

A BLACK TOE NAIL. eww it is soooo disgusting.

Yes, this is my foot. Yes, it is from running. Yes, I am really sad about it.

After I hit "publish", i'm going to go paint my nails to hide it.

Friday, March 18

ice cream and utah hair

This is how I have felt all week:

Dev took this picture while i was dead asleep. Mouth open and everything = attractive.

I think my lack of energy is due to my new job AND the fact that I haven't worked out all week!! crazy i know. and I'm slowly dying from lack of endorphins and happiness. But my leg has been hurting pretty bad and I don't want it to get injured even more-especially so close to the big race day. Starting monday I'm going back at my training though.

I have been busy with setting up my classroom! I'm so excited.

Here is a before and after picture of a bulletin board. (The teacher before me had a different style/color scheme goin on)



Isn't it cute?? Daisies and everything.

Tonight we went to the Malt Shoppe for ice cream after I played the piano at a wedding reception.

As devin was carving his ice cream he said, "I should be a sculptor..." and then he proceeded to carve a creepy face.

So happy

Yes, I am the creepiest person ever. But seriously the most amazing Utah Hair ever was 2 feet away from me tonight! So, I sneakily pulled out my camera phone and pretended to text, but really I was taking a picture. (oldest trick in the book). But look at this! you would have taken a picture too!

Utah hair never ceases to amaze me. How the heck do you rat your hair enough to get it that huge and tall and puffy and abnormal looking??