Monday, March 14

16 miles + homecoming

Today I ran 16 miles!!! wow that was crazy! It actually was worst long run ever and there were a lot of things to contribute to it being bad. But i definitely learned from it and hopefully I will get better and better.
The problems:
1. My right leg has been hurting. (or my dad called it Iliotibial Band Syndrome or IT band syndrome) I took a few days off (friday,saturday,sunday) to let it get better, but it is still hurting.
2. This whole weekend I ate junk food.
3. I slept in because i didn't have school... and so by the time I got to the gym I was pretty hungry and then ran 16 miles on an empty stomach. no bueno!

I will work on it...

Anyway... This weekend was so much fun! One of my roommates from my freshman/sophomore year,returned home from her mission. So I went to her homecoming and it was such a fun little reunion. Most of our roommates came and it was fun to reminisce and catch up. I love these girls.

The room mates!


  1. what!!! i hate that i am not in these pictures :(

  2. Steph are you training for a race? I ran 16 also on Saturday! That's the longest I've ever run... but I loved it. Don't you feel so good thinking you did that? Way to go!

  3. hey! way to go madi!! that's the most I've ever run too. It was a big deal for me.. haha what race are you training for? i'm training for the salt lake city marathon in april

  4. I will be there! Except I'm only running the half... then a couple weeks later I am running the Nashville marathon. The half works perfectly into my training schedule so I thought hey why not?! I am so excited for you. And your sports massage really will do wonders for your leg. I am sorry it hurts, that is no bueno! Hopefully I will see you at the race (and 15,000 of our best friends, too. can't wait to run next to sweaty mcgees). Are you wearing a belt? If you're bringing music, what do you use to hold your iPod? I am looking for a good holder that won't hurt after a long time.


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