Thursday, March 3

3 more things

so maybe i had some time on my hands... what else would i do while dev is studying besides blog about random/pointless things?

1.This is my hot chocolate mug/cup thing that i use every single morning at school. It is my best friend. My elementary school is FREEZING (70 degrees) and so I have to warm up with some hot cocoa. And it's pink, so i feel cool carrying it around :)

2. A robber must have broken into our apartment and thrown my clothes everywhere. What a jerk. ... or maybe this is the result of me trying to find my running shorts at 5 a.m... in the dark....

3. Happy birthday tomorrow to this cutie patootie! She is the best sister in law ever!! andguess what she wants to do for her birthday?!?!? Come to have a sleep over in provo with Dev and me. She even offered to sleep on the couch (which is actually her only option...) I can't even explain how excited i am!! hopefully we will have time to make an awesome music video.. oh and maybe i should clean up my clothes before she comes...

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