Thursday, March 3

3 things

work out: Yesterday-6 miles.
Today- 2.6 miles (that's all i could squeeze in before cycling) + awesome cycling class.

3 things.

I was looking at our wedding photographer's blog today (that's what i do when i'm bored: look at random engagement photos...) and I was so excited to see that we are a feature couple on their website! I felt really cool... check it out HERE

Awesome article about the whole Brandon Davies (BYU basketball player) getting booted for breaking the honor code. Read it HERE

And water babies. They are all the rage in 5th grade- k actually just my 5th grade class. I don't know why they are suddenly obsessed with them but they keep these little squishy colored balls in jars full of water. The water babies get bigger and then multiply or reproduce or whatever they do and they pop out smaller water babies. Its the weirdest thing!! and i don't get it. Have any of you ever heard of them?
Here is a picture:

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