Sunday, March 6

a birthday and some pancakes

The best part about training for your first marathon, is that every single long run is a personal record. It's amazing and very motivating! So.. on saturday, I ran the most I have ever run!! 14 miles!! It felt great- especially the first 10.

Friday night we had dinner and a sleepover for Hallie's birthday!

This is dev fixing the mess of crepe paper that i made. I was trying to decorate for Hallie's b-day, but accidentally tangled it all up. Sometimes i'm frustrating to live with :)

The birthday girl.

Delicious dinner at Goodwood BBQ. Yummy!!

Saturday, we went up to salt lake and met devin's family at the Original Pancake House. If you have never been there, you need to go. It is amazing! I can't get enough of it!

We also got to see the puppy :) I love him.


  1. ahhh so much good food. I am so jealous. I need pancake house! Maybe next weekend!

  2. I was debating if I should read your blog because I already read Ashley's today. Way to finally switch things up! :)

  3. Rock on 14 miler! It's pretty awesome knocking out those big double digit runs. Totally earned your pancakes : )


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