Wednesday, March 23


Today I got an amazing massage to help my leg out. My leg was so incredibly tense-i didn't even realize. I'm hoping it will feel better and I can keep training ASAP.

This lovely is from a little boy in my class. It is a flower made out of black and brown cloth. I immediately pinned it on my outfit and thanked him. Very classy.

There are so many wonderful things about this picture. 1: Devin is in it- studying as usual. 2: I spy some byu brownies. YUMMY.. (Random fact: the same number of byu brownies are bought in one year as during the week of women's conference at byu. Mormon women love brownies)

Yesterday they painted our apartment. We had to move everything into the middle and take everything off of the walls. Love that.

I also love it when painters throw your wet shower curtain in the tub along with the garbage can and other random stuff and then don't bother to put it back up.

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  1. oh my heck they did the same exact thing to our shower curtain! i think i probably already complained about it to you but i was so irritated!


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