Monday, March 21

first day+a birthday

5 miles this morning. My leg was KILLING me at mile 3. So I am getting a "sports massage" on Wednesday. Cross your fingers that it works.

First day of work wasn't completely horrible (I always have low expectations for the first day of any job. That way, it always seems to go a lot better than I planned.)

I am completely overwhelmed with having 200 students. I probably know 10 of their names.

A little girl brought me a daffodil. (she picked it at recess)

Quotes of the day:

I asked each student to say their name and one thing they like. One student said,
"My name is ____. and I like to be noticed." (isn't that the sweetest answer ever?)

After school a 6th grader came in and said,
"Mrs. Rigg. In 3 years I will be 16 and can date. WAIT FOR ME!"
I responded with, "I'm married kid."
He then went on to say how he will kill my husband.

Happy Birthday to my best friend Lisa!! Love you girl!!

This is us in highschool-- next to a covered wagon....

And this is a little more recent...

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