Tuesday, March 8

goodbye ice cream.

RUNNING STUFF. bored of it? scroll down.
Yesterday's workout: 5 miles.
Today's workout: Elliptical + weight lifting. (my training schedule says tuesdays are rest days, so i take it easy with the elliptical)

p.s. i have a bruised toe from running. it is soooooo ugly. I was going to put up a picture, but decided that would be way gross and weird. Sign of a true runner? I think so...

p.p.s. $100 later... I am officially signed up for the Salt Lake City Marathon!!!!! I'm freaking out. Now i am fully committed!!

  • Big/bad news:
I am 99.9% sure that I am lactose intolerant. Depressing I know. I LOVE milk sooooo much. . and cheese, ice cream, yogurt, basically everything and anything with dairy. But because of my love of dairy, I also have had lots of stomach aches. I could go into more detail about what kind of stomach aches, but I will spare you.

Anyway.. the last few days I have been dairy free and
1. I haven't gotten my afternoon stomach ache
2. I have been able to run better
3. I have felt better in general.

Goodbye ice cream. Hello almond milk.

  • Today i had a job interview to teach p.e. and math for 4th and 3rd graders. Keep your fingers crossed everyone.

  • Happy birthday to Emily!! She is the best and i just love her! We went to dinner tonight (pictures to come)

Update on Devin:

Still studying his little heart out :)


  1. hey! I am the same way... but i drink light vanilla soymilk ( the kind from winco with the little kid drawn sun on the front :)). Golden spoon is the only frozen yogurt that does not keep me up at night... congrats on the marathon... I look to you and hungry runner girl for inspiration!

  2. I agree with what Lauren said!... You and Hungry Runner girl are my idols :) way to go steph! Sad day about being Lactose...but my roommate is lactose and she takes an over the counter little pill and she just takes it right before she is going to eat and she is fine. I will have to let you know what it is.. if your interested?


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