Friday, March 18

ice cream and utah hair

This is how I have felt all week:

Dev took this picture while i was dead asleep. Mouth open and everything = attractive.

I think my lack of energy is due to my new job AND the fact that I haven't worked out all week!! crazy i know. and I'm slowly dying from lack of endorphins and happiness. But my leg has been hurting pretty bad and I don't want it to get injured even more-especially so close to the big race day. Starting monday I'm going back at my training though.

I have been busy with setting up my classroom! I'm so excited.

Here is a before and after picture of a bulletin board. (The teacher before me had a different style/color scheme goin on)



Isn't it cute?? Daisies and everything.

Tonight we went to the Malt Shoppe for ice cream after I played the piano at a wedding reception.

As devin was carving his ice cream he said, "I should be a sculptor..." and then he proceeded to carve a creepy face.

So happy

Yes, I am the creepiest person ever. But seriously the most amazing Utah Hair ever was 2 feet away from me tonight! So, I sneakily pulled out my camera phone and pretended to text, but really I was taking a picture. (oldest trick in the book). But look at this! you would have taken a picture too!

Utah hair never ceases to amaze me. How the heck do you rat your hair enough to get it that huge and tall and puffy and abnormal looking??


  1. That is amazing. Where does her head stop and her hair begin. I can't even tell.

  2. haha oh my heck that is some of the best utah hair i have ever seen! i am so glad that you captured that so i could have a good laugh. thanks :)

  3. that mess is nast!!! im so glad you captured this on film steph. good work lol


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