Thursday, March 17


One of my new students wrote me a letter. She even typed it and put it in an envelope. It is so hilarious and random that i had to put it on here. This is exactly how it was typed in the letter. It said:

Dear Mrs. Riggs

You will be a good teacher. I like how you are really sportsey I like that. Every resses I and Mariah you will get to know her play revenge. I don't really like to run but somtimes I am in the mood for it. My mom ran a marathon 28 miles long. My favorite food is tomatoes. My favorite animal is an Elephant. I sit in the back row between the 2 boys Tyler and Chase. We all chew on our markers. My favorite subject in school is writing and P.E. I love to play capture the flag. You are going to be a great teacher. I know you are 22 unless Mrs. Jeffs was lying. Go ahead and beat her.

Love _____

P.S. just to give you a tip try not to be strict and be really nice. ....... just kidding

i like how she said her mom ran a 28 mile marathon. haha try 26.2
and i like how she called me "sportsey". I've never been called that in my life, but i'm glad i come across that way :)

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