Friday, March 11


Today I said goodbye to my fifth graders that I have been subbing for the last 7 weeks. Their teacher was on maternity leave so I got to take over for a bit. It went by soooo fast and I grew to love them so much! I may have teared up as I left school today :(

A little girl reminded me why I teach and why it is worth it. All of the kids wrote goodbye notes to me on the white board and one little girl wrote this: (It is in red)

"Mrs. Rigg, you helped me understand why I'm in school. -Evanya"

That made me so happy. I always would tell them about the future and the "real world" and how going to school would make a huge difference in their life. Just making one student understand that was worth it. I'm glad she told me :)

Here are some pictures.

The highlight of the day was when I made my class go outside and run laps. The first lap they all sprinted and then died/slowed down halfway around. I decided to teach them a lesson on pacing themselves so I had them all run at the same pace as me- just a slow,steady pace. I also had a student blast "Firework" by Katy Perry on his cell phone so we could have some music. We all started singing along and it was heaven! Running and singing Firework with 5th graders. What could be better? I felt like a little kid.

I came home from school to a weird sized package. ..

Background: the past few weeks I have been talking about how much I would love a foam roller. (it's for stretching and massaging your muscles after running.) And he ordered me one!!! I was so excited!! It had been delivered when I got home from school. so of course I had a little photo shoot.

Oh yeah- feel that stretch. (It seriously feels sooooo good. especially cuz I'm way sore.)

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