Thursday, April 28


I have been in a rut with the whole running thing and it has totally thrown my whole world off. I'm pretty sure my leg has recovered from all the resting I have done, but I have ZERO motivation to start running again or to work out at all. I just see it as this huge mountain in front of me and it is so hard to get back at it. I had awesome endurance and got all the way up to 16 MILES!! but then had to stop because of my leg... Now i don't have any endurance and running doesn't even seem appealing to me anymore. It is such hard work and takes so much time- not to mention, having become an actual teacher has made me SOOOO tired.

This is basically me just venting and I apologize for it, but does anyone have ANY suggestions? I need some motivation.

Especially because i need to get ready for this in a few weeks...

Monday, April 25

door bell ditching

For family home evening, Dev and I were really sneaky tonight and put candy on our neighbors' doorsteps and then rang the doorbell and ran away. I felt like a little girl as I ran around to hide and laughed so hard that I snorted. I'm shocked that I wasn't caught from how hard I was laughing. Luckily we had a plan in place where dev would let me know when the coast was clear by flickering our porch lights.

Happy 10 month anniversary to us!! Glad to see we haven't grown up at all :)

Saturday, April 23

6:38, churros, Ahmed, and Easter

After being married almost a year, I realized today that Devin can't read my mind. Shocking right?? I decided that because of this little problem, he probably doesn't realize that in order to insure a happy easter, I need an easter basket with lots of candy in it.... Reese's pieces... chocolate kisses... m&m's.... (Yes I am still a little girl) So instead of hoping that he would read my mind, I went ahead and put together some Easter baskets for us and hid them for tomorrow. Hopefully he will be just as excited as I am.

Today after an AWESOME cycling class taught by hungryrunnergirl, I got Devin to go on a mile run with me. (I'm slowly trying to run again without hurting my leg... baby steps. )
As we started running, I got so excited to have a running buddy that we ran very very fast and it almost killed Devin, who hasn't run for quite some time. I felt really bad but it was awesome because we ran it in 6 minutes and 38 seconds!!! amazing!!
It took a lot out of him as you can see in the picture... He wasn't very happy with me.

Last night we went to Rubio's. Yummy! I love churros :)

Then we went to a going away party for Devin's good friend/room mate, Ahmed. He is going back to Saudi Arabia. We will miss him :(

Friday, April 22

true blue cougar

Graduation was amazing! I loved every minute of it. I can't figure out why people hate it, think it is boring, or choose not to go. It is such a great way to end your college experience! I loved seeing all of my elementary education friends and professors who helped me along in my education and helped turn me into a teacher. It brought back a lot of good memories.

One of the best parts was that I saw Cosmo as we were walking to the main commencement. I yelled to him and he came running over. I have always loved cosmo and I even said to my mom last week, "do you think cosmo will be at graduation?" haha i am cool like that.

This is one of my best friends from the education program, Sandy. We were in all of the same classes and sat by each other every day.

Richard G. Scott was the speaker at the main commencement. I took a picture of him and Cecil on our way in. They even waved to us! That's how cool we are in the El Ed program.

This is the view from walking in. There were sooo many graduates.

Dad, me and Dev.

I will miss BYU. But luckily Devin will be there another year, so I can go to campus and reminisce occasionally. Oh and don't worry- I'm wearing my byu alumni t-shirt today because that's how much i love byu.

Monday, April 18

don't judge.

Sometimes neighbors make comments to me about the amount of times they see me coming home with Nordstrom shopping bags...
and today made my shopping addiction seem even worse because a Nordstrom box was delivered when we weren't home... so of course it was taken to the neighbors.
$34 jeans are in that box baby! oh yeah!

I'm bored and like to take creepy pictures of myself hugging boxes.

disclaimer: I did go shopping quite a bit over spring break. BUT I only bought a few items. Devin is rubbing off on me and instead of being an impulsive shopper, I look and look and look and browse and browse... then leave for a few hours.... then go back. I just seem like I buy a lot of stuff.

Saturday, April 16


Yesterday my mom had a brilliant, but embarrassing, idea to take graduation pictures a week ahead of time to avoid crowds. If you drove past me yesterday on the side of the road in my cap and gown, I'm really disappointed in you for not honking.

After pictures, we took lunch to sister at her office. She has her own desk. Pretty legit.

Sister and me

This happened yesterday...
We went over to a friend's house for dinner and I was in charge of dessert, so of course I made BYU brownies. They tasted just like the real thing!! So amazingly delicious.

Sister, Brad, and I went on a lovely walk because the weather was so perfect. BYU has made a lovely little trail around campus complete with waterfalls, bridges, benches, stone pathways, etc. It was so pretty and made me so happy.

I took Dev this morning at 6:45 for a 7 a.m final. What teacher schedules a final at 7am on a Saturday?? Beats me. But i loved getting up and going outside to find that it is fairly warm and smells like summer!! It makes me so happy :) Time to go up to Salt Lake to watch the marathon. Next year people... next year.

Thursday, April 14

why i'm normal

Every morning i wake up with my blanket wrapped tight around my neck in some sort of turban style. No clue how that happens. Devin thinks it is really strange and likes to take pictures of me when i first wake up. Don't mind my crazy mo hawk goin on.

I like to take pictures of people who have their cars full to the brim with garbage. Notice how there is garbage coming out of the car door. Ash was embarrassed when i took this picture cuz he looked in our direction.

We love eating nerds and cadbury eggs while watching Tangled in 3D.


Devin is alive and well and .... yep you guessed it.... studying for finals!! I told him that I never knew that "reading days" were for studying. I always thought it was a 2 day break before finals began. Oh the things you learn after graduating... and by being married to a straight A student.

What makes you normal?? Do tell!!

Do you like taking pictures of random people? I do!! remember Utah hair girl?

(This is a test to see if anyone out there in the blogosphere reads this...)

Wednesday, April 13

lazy bum

I love being able to justify being lazy for a few days. For once in my life I don't feel guilty.

My day went like this...

  • Woke up and cleaned the apartment.
  • Watched some morning talk shows. (The view is the worst show ever by the way)
  • Baked cookies for Devin's cousin who is on a mission, but ended up throwing them away because they were weird looking. Pretty sure I forgot some flour.Hopefully I have better luck tomorrow...
  • Met Dev for lunch on cougar campus. I love it there.
  • Went with Audrey friend to Yogurtland
  • Came home and took a 2.5 hour nap.... just because.
  • Watched Ellen and Oprah and laid on the couch for a few more hours
Don't worry.. I have some productive things planned for the rest of the day... like
  • grocery shopping
  • dry cleaners
  • post office
  • Tangled at the dollar movie with Ashley
But before that:

of course i took a picture of my yogurt... why wouldn't i.

These are Devin's new birthday shoes from mother and father. Aren't they amazing and nautical? and our lovely carpet really makes them POP!

Tuesday, April 12

Nordstrom+Bob's+ Jimmer

Today I spent a lovely day with my mom. First we went to Nordstrom, then had some lunch at Nordstrom cafe. (so delicious) and then we went to a movie: Soul Surfer. (a lovely flick.) Then I did taxes with my dad, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

This is my graduation present from my parents. I'm in love. I have to wait until graduation day to get it.. it will be rough.

We stopped by DSW (designer shoe wearhouse) to look around and I found these wannabe Tom's. They are called " Bob's" and I think they should be sued for not being original and stealing someone's idea.

I finished off the night by going to Yogurtland with my sister. I now know that this is THE best frozen yogurt place in Provo because it is endorsed by Jimmer. There is a framed picture of him hanging on the wall. love it.

Monday, April 11

my spring break plans

My plans for spring break:
1. work out twice each day.
2. sleep a lot!!
3. eat lots of healthy,yummy food
4. read a lot of blogs and watch a lot of movies while laying on the couch

Sound great?

Off to a great start! Below is the ideal sunday night for me. Luckily Dev captured this glorious moment. Me, in my pile of blankets, watching Father of the Bride, while eating jelly bellies and drinking fresca.

This weekend, Devin made a guillotine for a class project. It turned out really well!!

I even got to test it out!