Saturday, April 23

6:38, churros, Ahmed, and Easter

After being married almost a year, I realized today that Devin can't read my mind. Shocking right?? I decided that because of this little problem, he probably doesn't realize that in order to insure a happy easter, I need an easter basket with lots of candy in it.... Reese's pieces... chocolate kisses... m&m's.... (Yes I am still a little girl) So instead of hoping that he would read my mind, I went ahead and put together some Easter baskets for us and hid them for tomorrow. Hopefully he will be just as excited as I am.

Today after an AWESOME cycling class taught by hungryrunnergirl, I got Devin to go on a mile run with me. (I'm slowly trying to run again without hurting my leg... baby steps. )
As we started running, I got so excited to have a running buddy that we ran very very fast and it almost killed Devin, who hasn't run for quite some time. I felt really bad but it was awesome because we ran it in 6 minutes and 38 seconds!!! amazing!!
It took a lot out of him as you can see in the picture... He wasn't very happy with me.

Last night we went to Rubio's. Yummy! I love churros :)

Then we went to a going away party for Devin's good friend/room mate, Ahmed. He is going back to Saudi Arabia. We will miss him :(

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  1. You are so cute, we totally got Easter baskets when we were newleyweds, nothing wrong with it! : ) Glad you're able to get back into the running scene again. 6:38 is a wicked fast mile!


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