Tuesday, April 5

birthday week!

This is the best week of the year because yesterday was Devin's birthday and tomorrow is mine!!!

We have been lucky to be a part of many celebrations so far.. Be prepared for tons of pictures and posts of birthday stuff. :)

Over the weekend, my mom threw us a lovely birthday party!

Love you sister :)

Mother and I eating yummy cupcakes. We couldn't wait to get home to eat them.

Emily came all the way to Salt Lake for my b-day party :)

I made toast for Devin's birthday. yUMMY!!! (he doesn't like eating breakfast. so i made him something small just for good measure )

Last night for Devin's birthday, we went to dinner to say goodbye to Jordan (devin's cousin). Jordan went to the MTC today. Good bye jordan! we will miss u!!

Grandpa Bob and his 3 grandsons.

We love tucano's.

After dinner, we went to a party to celebrate Devin and James' birthdays. They basically grew up together and each year they have a birthday party.

and tomorrow is my birthday!!!

P.S. I finally got to work out today. I road the bike for 25 minutes. what a huge step!!! and tomorrow I am biking for 1 hour. The lack of endorphins has been making me very depressed. it has been awful!! 3 weeks of no running = deep depression

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday to you and Devin! Looks like you guys have been partying hard in true Rigg fashion : ) Love seeing the pic of everyone at Tucanos, I didn't know Papa Bob was out there, that's awesome!

    So glad you've been able to start working out again. When I was training for my marathon I got ITB syndrome too and it was awful. I was resting, icing, stretching, and going to a sports therapist 3 times a week to do deep tissues massages and ultrasound treatments. It was intense but I was able to work through it and finish the race. Working through injuries is tough but you'll get there and you'll be glad you took some time off to heal : )


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