Friday, April 1


Happy Birthday to my former room mate Jenny!!

We had a fabulous time at Brick Oven and then went over to her place for ice cream.

The birthday buddies: Jenny's is today, Devin's is on Tuesday, and mine is on Thursday. April really is the best month. Hooray!!

yummy cake!

Licking the candles.

Former room mates. We love getting together!

Other random friends :)

Can't wait for this weekend!! General conference! Plus a double birthday celebration for Devin and me, thrown by my amazing mother who happens to be the best hostess ever! Can't wait!

Random thoughts:

Today one of my students came crying to me because a girl made her drink soap. Nice going....4th graders are strange.

I think my marathon training will start back up again sometime in the near future. I start physical therapy on wednesday! I can't wait to get back to my workouts and long runs. (Thanks to hungryrunnergirl for the doctor referral)

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  1. I want to come to the double birthday party!!!! ESPECIALLY if it is thrown by Mrs. Michelle Anderson. PAR-TAY!!!!!


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