Wednesday, April 13

lazy bum

I love being able to justify being lazy for a few days. For once in my life I don't feel guilty.

My day went like this...

  • Woke up and cleaned the apartment.
  • Watched some morning talk shows. (The view is the worst show ever by the way)
  • Baked cookies for Devin's cousin who is on a mission, but ended up throwing them away because they were weird looking. Pretty sure I forgot some flour.Hopefully I have better luck tomorrow...
  • Met Dev for lunch on cougar campus. I love it there.
  • Went with Audrey friend to Yogurtland
  • Came home and took a 2.5 hour nap.... just because.
  • Watched Ellen and Oprah and laid on the couch for a few more hours
Don't worry.. I have some productive things planned for the rest of the day... like
  • grocery shopping
  • dry cleaners
  • post office
  • Tangled at the dollar movie with Ashley
But before that:

of course i took a picture of my yogurt... why wouldn't i.

These are Devin's new birthday shoes from mother and father. Aren't they amazing and nautical? and our lovely carpet really makes them POP!

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