Friday, April 8

my birthday + great news!

My birthday was amazing! (minus a minor debacle at school... but don't worry- mother came to the rescue with flowers) Gorgeous huh??

After school, my mom took me to subway (because of said debacle, i had no time to eat lunch at school)
Then we met up with sister at YOGURTLAND!!! ahhh so delicious.

Then, I came home because Devin left his MCAT prep class early!!! Now that is what I call true love. Devin leaving anything school-related is a huge step and means that I must be really important :)

He surprised me with GORGEOUS gerber daisies. I love them.

Then we went to cafe rio (my favorite). And then dev surprised me by taking me to get an iphone4!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo!!!!!! i'm in love with that thing. it is now impossible for me to ever get bored. all i have to do is play with my phone.

This is a picture we took with my phone :)

Then we came home and watched a movie: Deja vu which was actually a great movie! What a perfect birthday!!

Great News:
Today at physical therapy, I was allowed to run. I ran for 20 minutes!!!! It made me so incredibly happy- even though my legs were burning from lake of usage and then my legs started cramping up. perfect... but i still was pleased.

Luckily I had my iphone with me at physical therapy to keep me entertained for 2 hours.

Tomorrow I get to run 3 miles!!!

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  1. This looks like a great birthday! Happy belated birthday it looked like fun!


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