Tuesday, April 12

Nordstrom+Bob's+ Jimmer

Today I spent a lovely day with my mom. First we went to Nordstrom, then had some lunch at Nordstrom cafe. (so delicious) and then we went to a movie: Soul Surfer. (a lovely flick.) Then I did taxes with my dad, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

This is my graduation present from my parents. I'm in love. I have to wait until graduation day to get it.. it will be rough.

We stopped by DSW (designer shoe wearhouse) to look around and I found these wannabe Tom's. They are called " Bob's" and I think they should be sued for not being original and stealing someone's idea.

I finished off the night by going to Yogurtland with my sister. I now know that this is THE best frozen yogurt place in Provo because it is endorsed by Jimmer. There is a framed picture of him hanging on the wall. love it.


  1. And by sewed I'm assuming you mean sued?

  2. haha thanks lauren. I guess I should try to misspell more so that you will comment. p.s. you need to write on your blog!


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