Thursday, April 28


I have been in a rut with the whole running thing and it has totally thrown my whole world off. I'm pretty sure my leg has recovered from all the resting I have done, but I have ZERO motivation to start running again or to work out at all. I just see it as this huge mountain in front of me and it is so hard to get back at it. I had awesome endurance and got all the way up to 16 MILES!! but then had to stop because of my leg... Now i don't have any endurance and running doesn't even seem appealing to me anymore. It is such hard work and takes so much time- not to mention, having become an actual teacher has made me SOOOO tired.

This is basically me just venting and I apologize for it, but does anyone have ANY suggestions? I need some motivation.

Especially because i need to get ready for this in a few weeks...


  1. maybe I should become your personal trainer? I'll whip your butt into shape in no time. Ill make you run while I drive along in my car and throw water at you if you stop. Tough love I know. But that's what best friends are for right? I'll only do it if you take me with you to above fancy schmancy place though. small price to pay for greatness!

  2. I know how it feels to have awesome endurance and then lose it all! I ran a full marathon in June of 09 and then between the holidays and then moving out to Boston I just never had time to train. 6 months after running my marathon I started training again for a half marathon and it kicked my butt just to go 3 miles! I think it can be really overwhelming when you think of where you were and how far you have to go to get back to that. What helped me stay motivated was just to accept the fact that I was starting over and then just shoot for mini goals. First to conquer a 5K, then a 10K, then a half marathon, etc...

    You'll get your fitness back, it just takes time. Here I am starting all over yet AGAIN after having baby Cam. I'm only running about 2.5 miles during the week and 5 miles on Saturdays. It's hard but I just keep plugging away knowing that slow and steady build up of mileage and pace will help me stay injury free while I work towards the long distance races again. Good luck and enjoy your fancy vacay! Where you guys going?


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