Friday, April 22

true blue cougar

Graduation was amazing! I loved every minute of it. I can't figure out why people hate it, think it is boring, or choose not to go. It is such a great way to end your college experience! I loved seeing all of my elementary education friends and professors who helped me along in my education and helped turn me into a teacher. It brought back a lot of good memories.

One of the best parts was that I saw Cosmo as we were walking to the main commencement. I yelled to him and he came running over. I have always loved cosmo and I even said to my mom last week, "do you think cosmo will be at graduation?" haha i am cool like that.

This is one of my best friends from the education program, Sandy. We were in all of the same classes and sat by each other every day.

Richard G. Scott was the speaker at the main commencement. I took a picture of him and Cecil on our way in. They even waved to us! That's how cool we are in the El Ed program.

This is the view from walking in. There were sooo many graduates.

Dad, me and Dev.

I will miss BYU. But luckily Devin will be there another year, so I can go to campus and reminisce occasionally. Oh and don't worry- I'm wearing my byu alumni t-shirt today because that's how much i love byu.


  1. I am certain I've seen Sandy around before. PS love your shoes. Where did you get them?

  2. i got them on They were for my wedding dinner :)

  3. Congrats!!! How does it feel to be all done?

  4. Congrats on your graduation! What an awesome accomplishment : )


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