Thursday, April 14

why i'm normal

Every morning i wake up with my blanket wrapped tight around my neck in some sort of turban style. No clue how that happens. Devin thinks it is really strange and likes to take pictures of me when i first wake up. Don't mind my crazy mo hawk goin on.

I like to take pictures of people who have their cars full to the brim with garbage. Notice how there is garbage coming out of the car door. Ash was embarrassed when i took this picture cuz he looked in our direction.

We love eating nerds and cadbury eggs while watching Tangled in 3D.


Devin is alive and well and .... yep you guessed it.... studying for finals!! I told him that I never knew that "reading days" were for studying. I always thought it was a 2 day break before finals began. Oh the things you learn after graduating... and by being married to a straight A student.

What makes you normal?? Do tell!!

Do you like taking pictures of random people? I do!! remember Utah hair girl?

(This is a test to see if anyone out there in the blogosphere reads this...)


  1. Steph. I read your blog. And I am normal because I still watch Disney Channel from time to time. And I like it.

  2. nice nail polish. and I'm normal because I hate to floss my teeth.

  3. I read your blog too! I'm normal because when I'm just standing around waiting for something...cross the street, microwave to finish...I try to balance in ballet poses like susu (sp?) etc. without even thinking. Totally normal. Especially out in public.

  4. I'm normal because I purposely pick the longest line at the grocery store so I can read the gossip magazines without having to buy them ; )


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