Tuesday, May 24

summer has begun!

Last weekend we went to St. George so that Dev could take the MCAT. It was so nice to finally see the sun and not have to wear a winter coat.

When we got to my parent's condo, my mom had left a poster for Devin. So cute.

About to go in the testing center... ahhh it was so intense. I even had a stomach ache.

I had this waiting for him when he finished. Along with balloons and the song "Celebrate" blasting from the car. People were staring... it's fine.

He did such a wonderful job that we celebrated at Cafe Rio that night. ok.. we probably would've gone there either way. But he did a great job and has been studying for MONTHS! i'm so proud of him.
We went to dinner with Elise (who i've known since elementary) and her husband and cute baby. Of course we went to Cafe Rio because it's AMAZIN.


I just had to throw this in to reminisce. This is us at girl's camp.

Today was my last day of school because I'm leaving a few days early to go to HAWAII!
I got an amazing going away gift: A half eaten smarties. Gotta love kids.

I had to throw this picture in. This is a lovely student who i couldn't get to come out of a cubby. I just had to laugh and take a picture because he looks so funny... Then i was stern and got him to come out.

Off to Maui in the morning!! ADIOS!!

Wednesday, May 18

holy war relay race

I am currently signing up online for this relay race:

On August 27th there is a relay race from the University of Utah to BYU! My mom, my dad, devin, me, ash, and brad will be on our 6 person relay team. (sorry ash- your phone isn't working and so this is the first you have heard of this. but it'll be fun)

Now... we just need a team name.... Any ideas??

call me ash :)

Tuesday, May 17


The last few days have been quite problematic- friday the 13th has carried over for a few days..

Today, i found out that my credit card number was stolen. Some person spent over 800 dollars in minnesota and indiana on stuff at Best Buy. That's always great.

Now for the weekend:
Saturday morning dev had a ward baseball game. About 10 minutes into the game, dev and another guy in our ward ran to catch the ball. They both were looking straight up at the ball and not watching where they were going, so they ran right into each other. The other guy's shoulder hit dev in the face. OUCH. I watched the whole thing happen.

The paramedics came because dev was bleeding pretty bad from his head. Because i am totally normal, i snapped pictures the whole time. (i promise i was worried, but there were so many dudes surrounding him, that I had to do something.)

They were kind enough to drive devin in the ambulance(for free) across the field to my car. We made sure it was no charge- (unless we are dying, we would rather call a cab than pay for an ambulance ride.)

He was not a happy camper. I felt so bad- he was in a lot of pain. His neck and head hurt a lot.

The doc did a lovely stitching job- not as good as Devin's dad could have done, but we'll take what we can get.

Luckily dev is on the mend. The guy who collided with devin brought us jolly rancher popsicles to make up for it. I guess we forgive him :)

This is random, but I feel like it just adds to our bad luck:
I had to go get my passport renewed today with my married name on it. It said online that I DID NOT have to get a new picture. Well, turns out they had to take my picture. This was after a long day of work, and not washing my hair for quite a few days. Oh and he told me not to smile with my teeth showing. Can you see the anger in my eyes?

Friday, May 13

friday the 13th

I'm not much for superstition, but Friday the thirteenth REALLY IS bad luck!!

My reasons why:

  • Today my students gave me some trouble and were whining about everything
  • i got hit in the head with a kick ball during P.E
  • I walked into my classroom and found some girls, in the dark, going through my desk drawers and stealing things.... real cool.
  • tonight at our intramural game kick ball game, in the first inning one of our team mates hurt her legs and couldn't walk.
  • in the second inning, one of our team mates collided with a guy and hurt her head pretty bad. She went to the hospital...

See what i mean? Friday the 13th is no good. Glad it is almost over.

But the other night we had a wonderful time at my friend's wedding dinner. I basically lived at her house all of elementary and it's crazy how time flies! I can't believe we are both married now.

this is rylee, allison (the bride), and me.

The tulips at temple square are GORGEOUS!

Dev enjoyed his chocolate cake. And we sat by the craziest/funniest couple ever!

Tuesday, May 10

crazy utah weather

Once upon a time...
The weather was BEAUTIFUL, SUNNY, AND WARM- tricking me into believing it was actually summer in Utah.

I actually got to take my classes outside for P.E. (aka-sun tan on the lawn)

I even got a tan line from my tom's. - that's how sunny it was.

We also were able to run a 5K for Cinco De Mayo- in 75 degree weather. MUY PERFECTO!

Dev was pumped. He loves sunlight.

Sister came too. We are great athletes-- just like our father. We can almost run a 4 minute mile.

Sunday was the day that Utah decided to get cold :( But at least we got to stalk Devin's cousin, Jordan, at the Provo Temple. He is on a mission and currently at the MTC. We took him some cookies. Against mission rules? Hard to say..

So happy!

Maybe one day it will be warm... But until then, I will continue to take creepy stalker pictures. Today we were on the freeway and saw the one and only CECIL!!! For those of you who don't know who this homeboy is, he is the president of BYU. Luckily I have an equally stalker-ish husband who slowed down next to him so that I could take a picture.

P.S. Today I was driving and saw a girl that looked like me driving a silver slug bug (same as my car.) I waved at her. She was confused.

i'm weird...

Saturday, May 7

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mom!!

Monday, May 2

osama/obama confusion

texting conversation with my sister last night

Sunday, May 1

freezing spring and fro yo friends

Yesterday we woke up to this...

Yogurtland definitely had to be on the list of things to do this weekend.

So we brought audrey and matt along.

We went to a vintage toy store and felt like little kids.

We had to talk Matt out of wearing this to church today.

Yesterday I sucked it up and went to the gym for 2 hours! And I even had fun. It felt so good to finally be working out again and my leg didn't even hurt! I went to a cycling class, ran, and did the elliptical. I was in a wonderful mood the rest of the day!