Tuesday, May 10

crazy utah weather

Once upon a time...
The weather was BEAUTIFUL, SUNNY, AND WARM- tricking me into believing it was actually summer in Utah.

I actually got to take my classes outside for P.E. (aka-sun tan on the lawn)

I even got a tan line from my tom's. - that's how sunny it was.

We also were able to run a 5K for Cinco De Mayo- in 75 degree weather. MUY PERFECTO!

Dev was pumped. He loves sunlight.

Sister came too. We are great athletes-- just like our father. We can almost run a 4 minute mile.

Sunday was the day that Utah decided to get cold :( But at least we got to stalk Devin's cousin, Jordan, at the Provo Temple. He is on a mission and currently at the MTC. We took him some cookies. Against mission rules? Hard to say..

So happy!

Maybe one day it will be warm... But until then, I will continue to take creepy stalker pictures. Today we were on the freeway and saw the one and only CECIL!!! For those of you who don't know who this homeboy is, he is the president of BYU. Luckily I have an equally stalker-ish husband who slowed down next to him so that I could take a picture.

P.S. Today I was driving and saw a girl that looked like me driving a silver slug bug (same as my car.) I waved at her. She was confused.

i'm weird...

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