Tuesday, May 17


The last few days have been quite problematic- friday the 13th has carried over for a few days..

Today, i found out that my credit card number was stolen. Some person spent over 800 dollars in minnesota and indiana on stuff at Best Buy. That's always great.

Now for the weekend:
Saturday morning dev had a ward baseball game. About 10 minutes into the game, dev and another guy in our ward ran to catch the ball. They both were looking straight up at the ball and not watching where they were going, so they ran right into each other. The other guy's shoulder hit dev in the face. OUCH. I watched the whole thing happen.

The paramedics came because dev was bleeding pretty bad from his head. Because i am totally normal, i snapped pictures the whole time. (i promise i was worried, but there were so many dudes surrounding him, that I had to do something.)

They were kind enough to drive devin in the ambulance(for free) across the field to my car. We made sure it was no charge- (unless we are dying, we would rather call a cab than pay for an ambulance ride.)

He was not a happy camper. I felt so bad- he was in a lot of pain. His neck and head hurt a lot.

The doc did a lovely stitching job- not as good as Devin's dad could have done, but we'll take what we can get.

Luckily dev is on the mend. The guy who collided with devin brought us jolly rancher popsicles to make up for it. I guess we forgive him :)

This is random, but I feel like it just adds to our bad luck:
I had to go get my passport renewed today with my married name on it. It said online that I DID NOT have to get a new picture. Well, turns out they had to take my picture. This was after a long day of work, and not washing my hair for quite a few days. Oh and he told me not to smile with my teeth showing. Can you see the anger in my eyes?


  1. Oh my gosh! Those pictures of Devin's eye are horrible! Poor guy! You need to post updated pics to show how it looks now. Hope it's doing better, that must've beens so scary!

  2. Don't worry. No one ever looks great in passport pictures, and you looked good, especially considering they wouldn't let you smile. Poor Devin. At least it's a good blog post :)


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