Friday, May 13

friday the 13th

I'm not much for superstition, but Friday the thirteenth REALLY IS bad luck!!

My reasons why:

  • Today my students gave me some trouble and were whining about everything
  • i got hit in the head with a kick ball during P.E
  • I walked into my classroom and found some girls, in the dark, going through my desk drawers and stealing things.... real cool.
  • tonight at our intramural game kick ball game, in the first inning one of our team mates hurt her legs and couldn't walk.
  • in the second inning, one of our team mates collided with a guy and hurt her head pretty bad. She went to the hospital...

See what i mean? Friday the 13th is no good. Glad it is almost over.

But the other night we had a wonderful time at my friend's wedding dinner. I basically lived at her house all of elementary and it's crazy how time flies! I can't believe we are both married now.

this is rylee, allison (the bride), and me.

The tulips at temple square are GORGEOUS!

Dev enjoyed his chocolate cake. And we sat by the craziest/funniest couple ever!

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