Tuesday, May 24

summer has begun!

Last weekend we went to St. George so that Dev could take the MCAT. It was so nice to finally see the sun and not have to wear a winter coat.

When we got to my parent's condo, my mom had left a poster for Devin. So cute.

About to go in the testing center... ahhh it was so intense. I even had a stomach ache.

I had this waiting for him when he finished. Along with balloons and the song "Celebrate" blasting from the car. People were staring... it's fine.

He did such a wonderful job that we celebrated at Cafe Rio that night. ok.. we probably would've gone there either way. But he did a great job and has been studying for MONTHS! i'm so proud of him.
We went to dinner with Elise (who i've known since elementary) and her husband and cute baby. Of course we went to Cafe Rio because it's AMAZIN.


I just had to throw this in to reminisce. This is us at girl's camp.

Today was my last day of school because I'm leaving a few days early to go to HAWAII!
I got an amazing going away gift: A half eaten smarties. Gotta love kids.

I had to throw this picture in. This is a lovely student who i couldn't get to come out of a cubby. I just had to laugh and take a picture because he looks so funny... Then i was stern and got him to come out.

Off to Maui in the morning!! ADIOS!!

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  1. haha oh my gosh! I love the picture of us at girls camp. And I love that I am wearing a Celine Dion shirt - not much has changed! So fun to see you guys!


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