Wednesday, June 29


Last night we met my lovely family at Chili's. It was YUMM-I-LICIOUS!

Check out my new favorite hair accessory: My green headband. Mother bought it for me the other day, along with muscle milk. Can you say Mother of the year award????

After, I went to Devin's intramural football game and we won! He also won his intramural frisbee game the other night! I have been loving the weather-rainy but still warm. It's so nice!

Monday, June 27

Bridal Veil falls + June 27th

Last night we went on a hike. Our definition of a hike is probably different from yours. We like paved trails that are basically flat and only take a few minutes.

We went to Bridal Veil Falls. It was beautiful last night and there were a LOT of people. Including one of my 4th graders. (i see my students EVERYWHERE.)

The river is REALLY high right now. It looks scary. But nothing our bro-in-law Brad couldn't kayak down!

Important/interesting fact: 4 years ago today, June 27th, Devin left on his mission to Uruguay. I was a mess,of course, but decided to fly to Peru that day to take my mind off of him by doing humanitarian work. It kinda worked... but i think it just made it miserable for everyone that was with me. There was a kid named Devin in our group and every time someone said his name i would cry. True story. Glad those days are over :)

Friday, June 24

one year

Today is our anniversary!!! This could get a little cheesy...
It is unbelievable how fast this year has gone! but I can honestly say it has been the happiest year of my life. I feel so incredibly blessed to have married such an amazing person and to be able to spend eternity with him. We make each other so happy and have the best time together. A lot of people told us that the first year is the hardest- but we disagree with that. We think that it was the BEST year.

I just looked at our wedding pictures and it made me so happy to remember everything that went into making the day so special. (thanks mom and dad)

Here we are- just minutes after being married.

and.. i just had to add in the video of dev proposing in new york :)

Thursday, June 23

pom poms

With so much free time on my hands, I have been starting to make decorations for my classroom.
This is my inspiration:

so far i have made 2 pom poms:

and here is crazy devin... always so helpful

Wednesday, June 22

icy cold goodness

As of late, I am addicted to the following:

Watered down muscle milk with tons of ice in it... (my mom bought a gigantic box for me one time at Costco to make my muscles grow even bigger than they already are. but sadly, my box is almost gone ... uhh mom are you reading this??...)


Diet hot chocolate with lots of ice in it... so it's basically ends up being cold chocolate...

Strange... but delicious... it hits the spot on these hot summer days. ( and it is low cal)

Friday, June 17


This last weekend we were in California visiting Devin's dad. We had a lot of fun- as usual. Here are some pictures- not in any particular order.
This is from the plane. isn't that sweet??

Dev and Bob went and hit some balls one morning while I worked out. Check out that swing!

The golfers

On our way to church with a half eaten banana in hand :)

We went to Santa Monica Place and a street performer had Devin join his act. It was pretty funny.

The beach/PCH. Beautiful day

We visited UCLA to check out the medical school. Devin applied there last week so it was exciting to see it.

This is Bob with a list of the celebrity donors- all of his best friends.

Tiffany's in Beverly Hills

Giant Prada suitcase

At the movie theater. We saw Midnight in Paris. It was a great movie!

We saw Selena Gomez at Santa Monica Place! She is so cute. She was there to promote her new movie: Monte Carlo. The 2 hour wait was almost worth it.

And last but not least, check out this sweet device at Target! It takes your shopping cart along side the escalator for you! LA is so high tech!

Wednesday, June 8


ahhh summer!
I love it so much and I love being stress free. Dev also has a break before summer term starts and so we get to spend lots of time together :)

The only thing that would make this summer even better is if I could start running again to get ready for the St. George Marathon. I have been seeing a doctor for my leg and he has been working on getting me better. Today he worked on breaking up the scar tissue that is on my hip. It hurt SO BAD!!

Oh well. For now I will enjoy soaking in the vitamin D and doing the elliptical!

Sunday, June 5


Be prepared for oodles and oodles of pictures. I took over 300 pictures and so this is the cut down version (even though it seems like a lot).

The first night in Maui we met Devin's family for dinner at an Irish Pub.

The Hawaiian singer :Willie K was performing. (He is really incredible and well known throughout Hawaii. Look him up on itunes)

View from breakfast at the hotel:

This is after participating in "The Amazing Race". My team won!!! It was so intense. Imagine running for 2 hours around a fairly large resort in the middle of the day with high temperatures and lots of humidity.

We went to dinner with a bunch of Latinos who are a part of Devin's stepdad's company.

After dinner we did Karaoke. It was the funniest night ever!

Devin and Sean singing "Ladies Night". Some other songs we performed: Shannon and I sang: Dancing Queen. Sean and Ryan sang some country song. And we all sang Sound of Music together: So Long, Farewell. It was a hit.

Me and my cute brother in laws before our helicopter ride!

The views were INCREDIBLE!!

I got to sit right next to the driver. I'm sure he didn't mind me taking pictures of him..

Sean and Ryan.


Another view.

Yummy shave ice after the helicopter! Luckily we had an awesome taxi driver who took care of us.


The Lau! That is "Uncle Mark." He was in charge of the company getaway and was so sweet to us! So of course we started calling him uncle mark!

View from the lau.

Family picture.

This is Jose from Puerto Rico. This was the first time he had ever eaten corn on the cob and so he had 7.

Pretty view of our hotel beach.


After a few days in Maui, we went to Oahu.
Hallie loved the street vendors and they loved her too.


One night we looked over and Hallie had joined one of the street performers.

and then sean joined too...

We got to visit Pearl Harbor. It was a good way to spend Memorial Day!

Dev in front of our Hotel in Waikiki

Dev and I went to our favorite restaurant that we went to on our honeymoon. It was so fun to go back! (I don't know what pose that is...)

This is us in front of the trolleys that would only pick you up if you had a Japanese credit card. Nice... Where are the American Express trolleys??

Our last night in Waikiki, we went on a romantic walk down the beach.

Goodbye Hawaii!!