Sunday, June 5


Be prepared for oodles and oodles of pictures. I took over 300 pictures and so this is the cut down version (even though it seems like a lot).

The first night in Maui we met Devin's family for dinner at an Irish Pub.

The Hawaiian singer :Willie K was performing. (He is really incredible and well known throughout Hawaii. Look him up on itunes)

View from breakfast at the hotel:

This is after participating in "The Amazing Race". My team won!!! It was so intense. Imagine running for 2 hours around a fairly large resort in the middle of the day with high temperatures and lots of humidity.

We went to dinner with a bunch of Latinos who are a part of Devin's stepdad's company.

After dinner we did Karaoke. It was the funniest night ever!

Devin and Sean singing "Ladies Night". Some other songs we performed: Shannon and I sang: Dancing Queen. Sean and Ryan sang some country song. And we all sang Sound of Music together: So Long, Farewell. It was a hit.

Me and my cute brother in laws before our helicopter ride!

The views were INCREDIBLE!!

I got to sit right next to the driver. I'm sure he didn't mind me taking pictures of him..

Sean and Ryan.


Another view.

Yummy shave ice after the helicopter! Luckily we had an awesome taxi driver who took care of us.


The Lau! That is "Uncle Mark." He was in charge of the company getaway and was so sweet to us! So of course we started calling him uncle mark!

View from the lau.

Family picture.

This is Jose from Puerto Rico. This was the first time he had ever eaten corn on the cob and so he had 7.

Pretty view of our hotel beach.


After a few days in Maui, we went to Oahu.
Hallie loved the street vendors and they loved her too.


One night we looked over and Hallie had joined one of the street performers.

and then sean joined too...

We got to visit Pearl Harbor. It was a good way to spend Memorial Day!

Dev in front of our Hotel in Waikiki

Dev and I went to our favorite restaurant that we went to on our honeymoon. It was so fun to go back! (I don't know what pose that is...)

This is us in front of the trolleys that would only pick you up if you had a Japanese credit card. Nice... Where are the American Express trolleys??

Our last night in Waikiki, we went on a romantic walk down the beach.

Goodbye Hawaii!!


  1. Ok, trying really hard to not be completely jealous! Looks like such a fun trip!

  2. Looks like the perfect family vacation! So much fun! :) You're going to miss Hawaii every day now!


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