Monday, June 27

Bridal Veil falls + June 27th

Last night we went on a hike. Our definition of a hike is probably different from yours. We like paved trails that are basically flat and only take a few minutes.

We went to Bridal Veil Falls. It was beautiful last night and there were a LOT of people. Including one of my 4th graders. (i see my students EVERYWHERE.)

The river is REALLY high right now. It looks scary. But nothing our bro-in-law Brad couldn't kayak down!

Important/interesting fact: 4 years ago today, June 27th, Devin left on his mission to Uruguay. I was a mess,of course, but decided to fly to Peru that day to take my mind off of him by doing humanitarian work. It kinda worked... but i think it just made it miserable for everyone that was with me. There was a kid named Devin in our group and every time someone said his name i would cry. True story. Glad those days are over :)

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