Friday, June 17


This last weekend we were in California visiting Devin's dad. We had a lot of fun- as usual. Here are some pictures- not in any particular order.
This is from the plane. isn't that sweet??

Dev and Bob went and hit some balls one morning while I worked out. Check out that swing!

The golfers

On our way to church with a half eaten banana in hand :)

We went to Santa Monica Place and a street performer had Devin join his act. It was pretty funny.

The beach/PCH. Beautiful day

We visited UCLA to check out the medical school. Devin applied there last week so it was exciting to see it.

This is Bob with a list of the celebrity donors- all of his best friends.

Tiffany's in Beverly Hills

Giant Prada suitcase

At the movie theater. We saw Midnight in Paris. It was a great movie!

We saw Selena Gomez at Santa Monica Place! She is so cute. She was there to promote her new movie: Monte Carlo. The 2 hour wait was almost worth it.

And last but not least, check out this sweet device at Target! It takes your shopping cart along side the escalator for you! LA is so high tech!

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