Wednesday, July 27

provo's finest

The past month i have taken pictures of some of the things that just stand out in provo.

Exhibit A:
This guy's shirt reads: This guy needs a beer. LOVE IT

Exhibit B: this was found in the grocery store parking lot. I totally did a double take and realized that someone had put 2 suburbans together. GENIUS!!

Exhibit C: This guy was definitely the most entertaining. He was dancing on the corner of a very busy road, sporting a top hat of course. The best part was when he went down in the splits

Exhibit D:
BYU singles NEVER fail to entertain.
Devin's intramural football game was tonight against the "NEW YORK MAFIA". ooooo scary!!
They were wearing all black and had really intense plays called "Scissors" and "Bible" and "In 'n Out". The bonus was that they had all of their groupies there to watch. They dressed in black as well. They moved up and down the line the whole game while filming it. The dating game is intense out there. watch out.

in case you are wondering about the outcome of the game... we won.

Tuesday, July 26

pioneer day!

One of the best things about living in Utah is you get 2 holidays in July: Independence day (the 4th) and Pioneer day (the 24th).

To celebrate, I ran my first 10K! and Devin, being the supportive husband that he is, joined me for the last few miles. I finished in 54:58!! (Ok so basically 55 minutes..) But the best part of the race was that i felt SOOOO good and energetic the whole 6 miles.I didn't stop once (except when dev tied his shoe) It was the best feeling ever!

Here we are, seconds after we finished. love that sweat.

The best fans! They got up at 5 am to drive me to the starting line.

After the 10K, we stuck around to watch my dad's running/college friend, Jay, finish the marathon! Way to go Jay!

My cute mom thought it was our anniversary. But she was a month late... haha love you mom

We had a bunch of people over for DELICIOUS ribs. Then we shot off all of our fireworks. This year aerial fireworks are legal. BOO YAH!!

This is the only picture i took at dinner. Ash, BF Lauren, and L's sister Meredith.

Devin pretending like he cooked all the ribs.

My BFF stefi came to watch the firework show! She is visiting from DC, so it was really fun to see her.

Monday, July 25


Last night Devin's family dog died.
Shadow was the cutest little dog ever
and he lived for 15 whole years!
Luckily we were here in salt lake last night and were able to go and be with the fam and have a funeral for him. (it was a hard night.. and to make things worse, dev broke his toe while digging the hole to bury him.)
We will miss our sweet little shadow :(

Friday, July 22

summer nights

summer is going by way too fast...

This week..

We celebrated mother-in-law shannon's birthday. AND bro-in-law Sean's birthday. with yummy dinners at market street + cheese cake factory!

We got shave ice!

We went to the nordstrom anniversary sale (multiple times) and saw GORGEOUS burberry boots

We went to 7 Peaks.

We went to the Riverwoods and walked around.

We went to a toy store.
And devin thought i was weird for riding a cart around the store.

But then he got jealous and decided it looked like fun.

Who knew that he liked boston baked beans so much?

Such a pretty night! We bought a frisbee at the toy store and went to a park to play.

then we bought fireworks.... They were SWEET!!!

Wednesday, July 20


Lately we have had a lot of problems with our apartment... one being mold... eww
But I have a question for ANYONE OUT THERE! i repeat: any comment is welcome!
What does it mean when dark lines/stripes start forming on your ceiling???
It started about a week ago. And now it goes across the kitchen and then down the living room...
Any ideas at all?? I am going to tell our maintenance people at our apartment complex, but they just like to do the minimum. For instance, they will probably just paint over it...

should we be concerned?

Friday, July 15


On Wednesday, I drove to Rexburg, Idaho and back with my mom. We went to visit my cousin Alexis! She is a student at BYU Idaho. I've never been there before and so it was interesting to see. Lots of fields... modest people... Did you know they can't wear anything but pants there? I would die. Luckily Alexis is a rebel and was wearing capris. Stick it to the man Alexis!!

The Rexburg temple is gorgeous!

BYU sign.

This is the one of the prettiest fields I saw. (and trust me- i saw a lot of them.) This is across the street from the temple and it seems to go on forever and ever!

We arrived back in Salt Lake at about midnight. (I got back to provo at 1 am) We decided to take a crazy picture of ourselves when we got home to show how awesome our matching outfits are (which we didn't even plan). Yellow shoes and all. I know you are jealous

harry potter!

The other night Audrey and I played the piano/violin at a wedding. It was great fun. (I was lucky enough to snatch the last brownie off the dessert table after we finished playing. That's called skill)

Then, we went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter! We ran into some of Devin's freshman year friends who had awesome costumes.

Look at all these fools. We asked a group of people how long they had been there and they said 6:30 pm. WHOAAA. We got there at about 10:00.

My favorite part of the night was when these random people in our theater started acting out a harry potter scene. They were fighting with their little wands and yelling magic curses, or whatever you call them, at each was so ridiculous.

i loved the movie! Even though I didn't see Part One or read any more than the first 3 books- so I was a little confused. But It was quite entertaining and I was actually sad when it ended. I think it's the first midnight showing that i have NOT fallen asleep in.

Tuesday, July 12

the T

Today I went with my mom to the draper temple.
It was a gorgeous day!
We got to see my cute grandma who works there. I love her.
(i actually took the picture above. doesn't it look AWESOME?? I have some good drive by picture taking skills.)

Monday, July 11

7 eleven my eye!

Tonight we met up with my fam at the mall to celebrate cousin Garrett's birthday (12 days late).

Cousin Garrett is on the left.
He is awesome and is attending BYU!
Occasionally I see him walking the streets of provo and I give him rides to his apartment.
That's what cousins are for right?
Oh and that is my dad's new facial expression for pictures.
He likes to change it up every few years.

We are a special couple.

Had to throw this one in so that you could see my mom was there :)

I ate this single handedly... (Ok maybe that's false)

A few hours later, I earned extra wife points by rubbing devin's shoulders
and I earned a trip to 7 eleven for a slurpee!
Look at all the provo-ites! They know a good deal when they see one-
because it's july 11 aka 7/11

Below is my half smile.
Half frown: because they stopped doing free slurpees when we got there.
and Half smile: because nothing can bring me down when i'm wearing leopard print :)