Tuesday, July 5

4th of july continued..

On sunday, Shadow the family dog turned 15 years old. Hallie made this card for him. She even cut off some of his tail to glue on the picture.

Ok.. onto the 4th of July festivities. We went to a neighborhood breakfast. Then to a park to see some friends. Then to see the movie Super 8. Then we had a yummy dinner with grandparents. Then I finally showered :) And we finished it off with fireworks in Holladay.

Dev in his red, white, and blue.

While we were waiting for everyone to get in the car, bro-in-law sean decided to climb up the mountain. He is the tiny white dot.

This is hallie with a duck.


our 4th of july shoes. we are classy.

Steve and Hallie at the city of Holladay fireworks. I was really impressed with the fireworks! they lasted for about 35 minutes!! Way to go Holladay!

Here is an example. (Cuz i know you have never seen a firework before.)

Somehow my photos all turned out to be very boring... I promise better photos next time.

This was just a warm up for what is to come. Just you wait! The 24th of July is also a big holiday in Utah :PIONEER DAY! I have already started planning out what we will do.

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