Monday, July 11

7 eleven my eye!

Tonight we met up with my fam at the mall to celebrate cousin Garrett's birthday (12 days late).

Cousin Garrett is on the left.
He is awesome and is attending BYU!
Occasionally I see him walking the streets of provo and I give him rides to his apartment.
That's what cousins are for right?
Oh and that is my dad's new facial expression for pictures.
He likes to change it up every few years.

We are a special couple.

Had to throw this one in so that you could see my mom was there :)

I ate this single handedly... (Ok maybe that's false)

A few hours later, I earned extra wife points by rubbing devin's shoulders
and I earned a trip to 7 eleven for a slurpee!
Look at all the provo-ites! They know a good deal when they see one-
because it's july 11 aka 7/11

Below is my half smile.
Half frown: because they stopped doing free slurpees when we got there.
and Half smile: because nothing can bring me down when i'm wearing leopard print :)

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