Sunday, July 3

fourth of july!

This weekend we have been chilling in Salt Lake with Devin's family. It has been tons of fun!
Last night we went to a BBQ of a family friend. There were tons of people there and tons of fireworks! and even this festive red truck. Perfect photo op!

This is the cutest little girl ever! She has a major crush on my bro-in-law Sean. haha She even has his picture in her room.

Yesterday I attempted to go on a long run. I had a side ache the ENTIRE time. It has never happened to me, so I was totally frustrated-I only made it 5 miles. I'm also not used to running outside and so my legs are sooo sore from the hills and pavement. FAIL!

Side note:

Even Dev loves my new headband! Caught red-handed

I hope you have an amazing FOURTH OF JULY! It happens to be my favorite holiday (besides Christmas of course)

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