Friday, July 15

harry potter!

The other night Audrey and I played the piano/violin at a wedding. It was great fun. (I was lucky enough to snatch the last brownie off the dessert table after we finished playing. That's called skill)

Then, we went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter! We ran into some of Devin's freshman year friends who had awesome costumes.

Look at all these fools. We asked a group of people how long they had been there and they said 6:30 pm. WHOAAA. We got there at about 10:00.

My favorite part of the night was when these random people in our theater started acting out a harry potter scene. They were fighting with their little wands and yelling magic curses, or whatever you call them, at each was so ridiculous.

i loved the movie! Even though I didn't see Part One or read any more than the first 3 books- so I was a little confused. But It was quite entertaining and I was actually sad when it ended. I think it's the first midnight showing that i have NOT fallen asleep in.

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