Saturday, July 9


At the beginning of the week we went on a hike with Ash and Brad to Stewart Falls. This is a picture of the falls 2 years ago- the last time I went.

And this is it now. So much bigger.

Just had to put this next one up for you Susan. These 2 love birds were on the hike 2 years ago. and now they are happily married and patiently waiting for their baby girl to be born at ANY SECOND!!

The next few pictures were taken by the amazing
photographer: Ashley White. (Thanks ashers)

Last night Dev had an intramural football game and then we went to J Dawgs!! YUMMY!!

P.S. Last time I went to Sonic to get a diet coke with Vanilla, I decided to save my cup and see if it would cost less to just get a refill. FREE PEOPLE! THEY GAVE IT TO ME FOR FREE. The guy working was probably confused with Sonic Refill Rules, but i'm not complaining. I will see if it works next time too. Oh and thanks Jenny Penny for being my summer sonic buddy/shopping assistant.

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  1. Aw thanks steph! You make Josh and I look so athletic looking. This was actually our first and last attempt at hiking.


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