Friday, July 15


On Wednesday, I drove to Rexburg, Idaho and back with my mom. We went to visit my cousin Alexis! She is a student at BYU Idaho. I've never been there before and so it was interesting to see. Lots of fields... modest people... Did you know they can't wear anything but pants there? I would die. Luckily Alexis is a rebel and was wearing capris. Stick it to the man Alexis!!

The Rexburg temple is gorgeous!

BYU sign.

This is the one of the prettiest fields I saw. (and trust me- i saw a lot of them.) This is across the street from the temple and it seems to go on forever and ever!

We arrived back in Salt Lake at about midnight. (I got back to provo at 1 am) We decided to take a crazy picture of ourselves when we got home to show how awesome our matching outfits are (which we didn't even plan). Yellow shoes and all. I know you are jealous

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  1. you are so mean!!! I knew this post would make me mad and angry and jealous....curse my job. I want to be mommys assistant!!!


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