Tuesday, July 26

pioneer day!

One of the best things about living in Utah is you get 2 holidays in July: Independence day (the 4th) and Pioneer day (the 24th).

To celebrate, I ran my first 10K! and Devin, being the supportive husband that he is, joined me for the last few miles. I finished in 54:58!! (Ok so basically 55 minutes..) But the best part of the race was that i felt SOOOO good and energetic the whole 6 miles.I didn't stop once (except when dev tied his shoe) It was the best feeling ever!

Here we are, seconds after we finished. love that sweat.

The best fans! They got up at 5 am to drive me to the starting line.

After the 10K, we stuck around to watch my dad's running/college friend, Jay, finish the marathon! Way to go Jay!

My cute mom thought it was our anniversary. But she was a month late... haha love you mom

We had a bunch of people over for DELICIOUS ribs. Then we shot off all of our fireworks. This year aerial fireworks are legal. BOO YAH!!

This is the only picture i took at dinner. Ash, BF Lauren, and L's sister Meredith.

Devin pretending like he cooked all the ribs.

My BFF stefi came to watch the firework show! She is visiting from DC, so it was really fun to see her.

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