Wednesday, July 27

provo's finest

The past month i have taken pictures of some of the things that just stand out in provo.

Exhibit A:
This guy's shirt reads: This guy needs a beer. LOVE IT

Exhibit B: this was found in the grocery store parking lot. I totally did a double take and realized that someone had put 2 suburbans together. GENIUS!!

Exhibit C: This guy was definitely the most entertaining. He was dancing on the corner of a very busy road, sporting a top hat of course. The best part was when he went down in the splits

Exhibit D:
BYU singles NEVER fail to entertain.
Devin's intramural football game was tonight against the "NEW YORK MAFIA". ooooo scary!!
They were wearing all black and had really intense plays called "Scissors" and "Bible" and "In 'n Out". The bonus was that they had all of their groupies there to watch. They dressed in black as well. They moved up and down the line the whole game while filming it. The dating game is intense out there. watch out.

in case you are wondering about the outcome of the game... we won.

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