Wednesday, July 20


Lately we have had a lot of problems with our apartment... one being mold... eww
But I have a question for ANYONE OUT THERE! i repeat: any comment is welcome!
What does it mean when dark lines/stripes start forming on your ceiling???
It started about a week ago. And now it goes across the kitchen and then down the living room...
Any ideas at all?? I am going to tell our maintenance people at our apartment complex, but they just like to do the minimum. For instance, they will probably just paint over it...

should we be concerned?


  1. I thought we had mold a couple months ago and made myself sick worrying about it. I sent in requests to our complex and eventually someone came to look at it. In our case it wasn't mold and all the scary stories I read about mold got me worried for nothing. My suggestion - tell them they need to send someone ASAP and don't google harmful affects of mold.

    Good luck!

  2. steph that's so weird! i have no idea what that could be.

  3. My dad said it looks like water on the beams in the ceiling. You for sure want to get it looked at


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