Sunday, July 10

saturday adventures

Last night we went to Cafe Rio. We always share the pork salad. It is my favorite thing in the whole world and I am already dreading the day when we move away from utah.
Yesterday was a big day for us because we actually finished the salad that we shared. (we are wimps and usually can't finish it.)

After Rio, we went to Cabelas. Dev was sooo excited to use his giftcard, that we got for our wedding, to buy bullets. As we pulled in he said, "THIS is america."

can you see me? Even though i'm on a camouflage couch??? I couldn't convince dev to buy this for our apartment.

An awesome hat with a flap in the back.

On our way home, we decided to drive the Alpine Loop. (a different way home that goes through the mountains.)

It was a gorgeous day!

It tacked on about an extra 30 minutes to our drive, so of course I took pictures of myself to pass the time.

and then I saw that the mountains were cool to take pictures of too!.

This is my sweet parking job at smith's last night. see the white jeep and how far out it is? my bad.


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