Sunday, August 28

is there cycling and cafe rio in heaven?

After weeks and weeks of shopping for road bikes, we finally purchased some!! They are pretty dang nice and were even on sale because it's the end of the season. I'm so happy we finally have a fun activity that we both like to do! (dev isn't a huge fan of running...)

Friday night was THE best night ever! We road to Bridal Veil Falls for our first ride ever! (it was about 20 miles) and then we went to Cafe Rio. Nothing beats that!

This is my bike- little blue!

On saturday we went on another ride- to Utah lake and back. It was about 12 miles.

Then, we went to the famous byu hang out spot- the Mona rope swing. There were a lot of people there, and it was pretty fun to watch people swing down from the tops of trees.

Devin's brother, Ryan, happened to be there with all of his freshman friends. When he went off of it, the rope got caught on the platform and he ended up falling straight down. It was actually pretty scary, and he ended up biting through his lip and getting a pretty bad rope burn on his arm. But i'm just happy it wasn't worse.

This is him getting a tetanus shot- don't worry. he is just being dramatic.



Tuesday, August 23

school begins!

Goodbye glorious summer break!

Hello 5th and 6th graders!

Yesterday I started school. So far so good!
(I may have started crying during recess the first day... but I got through it)

Here is my first day of school outfit!

I basically have the best hubby in the world!! (don't mean to brag) He surprised me on my first day by coming to see me during lunch. He brought me gorgeous flowers and then took me to lunch :) I love him soooooooo much! (my students love him too of course)

After school we went to Costco to buy TP! and then we had dinner there- I had gelato and dev had a churro and pizza. BEST MEAL EVER! It seriously made me so happy. I love Costco!

Sunday, August 21

This weekend our friends got married in California. Sara and James. Devin flew down on Wednesday to join in all of the festivities and I flew down friday night to go to their reception. Then we flew back on Saturday. It was so much fun and i'm really happy i was able to fly down for a few hours. (Thanks Bob for flying me down)

Some highlights-
I took a taxi. (that's a big step)
I spent 2 nights alone (another big step)
Devin and I were apart for the first time since we've been married-- Absence makes the heart grow fonder :)

James and Sara's wedding was AMAZING! so classy at the country club and had a great nautical theme. I think we were in Orange County or something- so that alone just makes it amazing!

Their first dance.

gettin' our groove on.

Hanging out after the happy couple left.

I love men

Father in law- Bob. Always a treat to see him! As the days go on we love California more and more. Hopefully we can go to medical school there or just live there one day :) Cross your fingers!

I love their cake.

When we got back to Utah, we saw both of our families for some mini reunions with relatives that were in town. Devin's Uncle Clay and Aunt Holly were in town and my Aunt Mindy and Uncle Jim were in town. It was great to see them! These were the only pictures i took though

Shout out to my dad for getting 3rd place OVERALL in a 5k on saturday!! He's my hero!!!

Thursday, August 18

i love cafe rio

i should be fired from blogging. it has been a while...

Let's just say i've been enjoying my last few days of freedom.

We finally got a Costco card! So now devin can get his Dino nuggets. He makes all the little kids jealous. As we were walking out, a little girl pointed to our dino nuggets and said, "Look mommy!"

Last weekend we went on a lovely hike with some ward members!

It was fun to get to know some new couples who have just moved in.

Last night I ate my favorite meal :) Just had to throw this one in here.

Tuesday, August 9

new home for gretchen

On sunday night, we decided that our fish was quite an eye sore on our little kitchen table. (i also just hated to clean the fish bowl..yuck) So we decided to take her to the BYU duck pond where she could live happily ever after!

At first i felt really guilty for putting her in there...

But then i realized how happy she was! As soon as we put her in, she swam to the other side of the pond and back. It was amazing and i think that she will grow to love her new home.

Goodbye gretchen!

Sunday, August 7

iphone 4 vs. ashley's camera

The first half of the pictures are taken with my iphone. The 2nd half are taken by my sister, ash. Try to see the difference in quality.

Last night we saw an awesome arch made of cardboard boxes in the middle of the street! the people who built it wanted people to drive through, so of course we did. We were driving the truck and so it totally destroyed that thing. it was awesome.

We went up the canyon with some friends to make s'mores.

friends! We are sad because the couple in the middle is moving away this week to go to med school in texas :(

Now for the high quality photos! (thanks ash for letting me take them off your blog)
We went to the sound of music on friday night up at sundance. IT WAS AMAZING! I was really impressed with the actors and the singing. It was definitely entertaining and fun to be outside. We were happy that our friends, Sandy and Alan, could come at the last minute.

weekend= 2 thumbs up.

only 1 week of summer left! which means only 1 week left of 9 am runs. I will definitely miss sleeping in..

p.s. i ran 10 miles yesterday! i'm kind of worried because my right leg started hurting again....

Friday, August 5


Last weekend we went to Denver for Devin's, cousin's wedding. We had a lot of fun with the Rigg side of the family! They are always up for a good time!

We checked out the University of Colorado Medical School... a definite possibility.

This is the cutest couple ever! Becca, Taber, and baby Cam. Becca has an awesome blog that i have read since dev and i were engaged. I was sooo excited to finally meet her!!

The happy couple


Mexican food the night before the wedding. The groomsmen table.

Like father like son.

Arriving at the eco-friendly Element hotel. (they even had an option to half flush the toilet, or full flush. Glad we're saving the world one flush at a time...)

Our other fellow bloggers! Paul and Shug. They live in Alaska and are awesome! I had never met them either.

Groom's family arriving! (hey ladies, the guy on the left is single... any takers?)

Taber + cam, grandpa bob, wife karen, and Dev!