Sunday, August 7

iphone 4 vs. ashley's camera

The first half of the pictures are taken with my iphone. The 2nd half are taken by my sister, ash. Try to see the difference in quality.

Last night we saw an awesome arch made of cardboard boxes in the middle of the street! the people who built it wanted people to drive through, so of course we did. We were driving the truck and so it totally destroyed that thing. it was awesome.

We went up the canyon with some friends to make s'mores.

friends! We are sad because the couple in the middle is moving away this week to go to med school in texas :(

Now for the high quality photos! (thanks ash for letting me take them off your blog)
We went to the sound of music on friday night up at sundance. IT WAS AMAZING! I was really impressed with the actors and the singing. It was definitely entertaining and fun to be outside. We were happy that our friends, Sandy and Alan, could come at the last minute.

weekend= 2 thumbs up.

only 1 week of summer left! which means only 1 week left of 9 am runs. I will definitely miss sleeping in..

p.s. i ran 10 miles yesterday! i'm kind of worried because my right leg started hurting again....

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  1. uh oh...not good that your leg is hurting!! Whenever I start feeling an injury creeping up I do lots of icing, ibuprofen and rest. Usually takes care of the problem or at leasts keeps it from sidelining me. Hope it was just a weird thing and doesn't happen again!


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