Sunday, August 28

is there cycling and cafe rio in heaven?

After weeks and weeks of shopping for road bikes, we finally purchased some!! They are pretty dang nice and were even on sale because it's the end of the season. I'm so happy we finally have a fun activity that we both like to do! (dev isn't a huge fan of running...)

Friday night was THE best night ever! We road to Bridal Veil Falls for our first ride ever! (it was about 20 miles) and then we went to Cafe Rio. Nothing beats that!

This is my bike- little blue!

On saturday we went on another ride- to Utah lake and back. It was about 12 miles.

Then, we went to the famous byu hang out spot- the Mona rope swing. There were a lot of people there, and it was pretty fun to watch people swing down from the tops of trees.

Devin's brother, Ryan, happened to be there with all of his freshman friends. When he went off of it, the rope got caught on the platform and he ended up falling straight down. It was actually pretty scary, and he ended up biting through his lip and getting a pretty bad rope burn on his arm. But i'm just happy it wasn't worse.

This is him getting a tetanus shot- don't worry. he is just being dramatic.



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