Friday, August 5


Last weekend we went to Denver for Devin's, cousin's wedding. We had a lot of fun with the Rigg side of the family! They are always up for a good time!

We checked out the University of Colorado Medical School... a definite possibility.

This is the cutest couple ever! Becca, Taber, and baby Cam. Becca has an awesome blog that i have read since dev and i were engaged. I was sooo excited to finally meet her!!

The happy couple


Mexican food the night before the wedding. The groomsmen table.

Like father like son.

Arriving at the eco-friendly Element hotel. (they even had an option to half flush the toilet, or full flush. Glad we're saving the world one flush at a time...)

Our other fellow bloggers! Paul and Shug. They live in Alaska and are awesome! I had never met them either.

Groom's family arriving! (hey ladies, the guy on the left is single... any takers?)

Taber + cam, grandpa bob, wife karen, and Dev!


  1. That was so much fun and I'm SO glad I got to meet you too, finally!! Devin should be patting himself on the back for marrying such an awesome girl : ) If you ever make it out East (especially to look at med schools) we'll be sure to take you out for a good time!

  2. Umm, I am a taker! He is cutie. Love reading about all your adventures Steph:)


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